Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to View and Explore Web Pages With Shortcut Keys

Display Internet Explorer Help or to        =     F1
display context Help about an item in
a dialog box

Toggle between full-screen and other      =     F11
views in the browser

Move forward through the items on a      =    TAB
Web page, the Address box, or the
Links box

Go to your Home page                          =   ALT+HOME

Go to the next page                               =  ALT+RIGHT ARROW

Go to the previous page                        =   ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE

Display a shortcut menu for a link          =   SHIFT+F10

Move forward between frames              =   CTRL+TAB or F6

Move back between frames                  =   SHIFT+CTRL+TAB

Scroll toward the beginning of a             =   UP ARROW

Scroll toward the end of a document      =   DOWN ARROW

Scroll toward the beginning of a             =   PAGE UP
document in larger increments

Scroll toward the end of a document      =   PAGE DOWN
in larger increments

Move to the beginning of a document     =  HOME

Move to the end of a document             =  END

Find on this page                                   =  CTRL+F

Refresh the current Web page                =  F5 or CTRL+R

Refresh the current Web page, even if     =  CTRL+F5
the time stamp for the Web version and
your locally stored version are the same

 Stop downloading a page                       =   ESC

Go to a new location                              =  CTRL+O or CTRL+L

Open a new window                              =  CTRL+N

Close the current window                      =  CTRL+W

Save the current page                            =  CTRL+S

Print the current page or active frame     =  CTRL+P

Activate a selected link                       =   ENTER

Open the Search box                         =  CTRL+E

Open the Favorites box                      =  CTRL+I

Open the History box                         =   CTRL+H

In the History or Favorites boxes,       =  CTRL+click
open multiple folders

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